June 26, 2017

July 1 is upon us and with it, the mid-point of our year – halftime, so to speak. (Click here to read my blog on the impact of halftime during the Super Bowl.) Perhaps you’re feeling the momentum slow as the enthusiasm from the beginning of the year wears off. And summer brings with it vacation mode – a perceptible shift in attitude, but also weeks of leave, relaxed dress policies and/or shorter office hours. These are luxuries and we should not dismiss them!

However, if we’re to meet or exceed our goals by year-end, now is the time to reinvigorate the team. Here are 3 things to tackle right now:

Re-evaluate your plans. Meet with leaders and teammates to evaluate the annual plan as well as the three-year plan. Do they still make sense or should there be adjustments? Are there goals to add or tasks that no longer are relevant? Should there be a re-ranking of priorities based on market or competitor changes? Re-evaluating your plans gives you and your organization the opportunity to make important shifts for better outcomes.

Re-examine your people. Mid-year reviews are an excellent way to provide feedback and growth opportunities to employees. An added benefit, mid-year reviews can have a different tone and focus than end-of-year performance reviews. Ask leaders to conduct mid-year reviews with each individual on their team, and request that teams provide feedback on their leaders.

Celebrate the successes thus far. Have you achieved quarterly benchmarks? Exceeded predicted growth for year-to-date? Implemented a systems upgrade? Finally hired someone who is hitting it out of the park? Successfully navigating a transition, even if you are still working your way through it? Take a moment to celebrate the achievements with your team(s). Recognize individual efforts, teamwork and specific accomplishments. In addition, determine if new incentives or a more engaging theme will create more celebrations in the next half of the year.

Remember the important opportunity a halftime re-grouping provides. If you’re winning, take advantage of that momentum and push harder. If you’re not, you have another half of the year to recover and change the outcome. Rebuild the enthusiasm and fight for a strong finish.