May 24, 2022

Oxford’s English Dictionary defines “hiatus” as a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process. This summer, I have planned for a hiatus from Uncommon Candor (Monday Musings, blogs, newsletters). While the definition seems focused on the pause, I am fueled with excitement for how I will bridge the gap. I am choosing to travel and to fill my pause with adventure, service, and exploration.

Recently, I saw a CBS Sunday Morning interview with Phil Rosenthal and Ray Romano. Rosenthal was the creator, writer, and producer of the hit show, Everybody Loves Raymond, which starred Romano, and they’ve formed a lasting friendship. In the interview, they reminisce about Romano’s lack of interest in travel – until Rosenthal wrote two episodes that would take the cast to Italy, forcing Romano to venture beyond the Jersey Shore.

A slice of real Italian pizza sparked Romano’s interest; after filming wrapped, he stayed to explore Italy with his wife’s family. And he realizes there’s a common denominator in the world… “that people are good all over.”

Romano’s change of heart, in turn, inspired Rosenthal to create Somebody Feed Phil, an upbeat Netflix show where Rosenthal merges his love of food and travel – he visits amazing places across the world, eating anything and everything locals suggest, from fine dining to street fare. Rosenthal hopes that his food stories will inspire people to get out of their comfort zone. “There’s no more mind-expanding thing we can do than travel. It literally changes your way of thinking. It changes your perspective,” says Rosenthal.

At a time when, for many of us, travel – especially overseas – has been curtailed for years, consider all the mind-expanding we’ve missed. We have become more insular and polarized, and it is sometimes hard to see that people are good all over. We’re all ready for a hiatus – and it doesn’t have to be a full summer of big travel to be meaningful. Whether it’s between semesters, a holiday weekend, or a week-long vacation from work, when we break and pause, we can refresh our perspective and refuel for what comes next. Consider your next break from your comfort zone – what inspires you and where will you go? And if travel is not possible, find the good and expand your perspective by taking a virtual trip with Somebody Feed Phil.