September 27, 2021

Charleston, South Carolina, has always been one of my favorite cities. After a recent client conference there, I am even more enamored.

Needing some exercise and a dose of the city’s charm, the hotel concierge recommended the Bad Ass Broads walking tour – ninety minutes traipsing through downtown’s historic neighborhoods and cemeteries, and around government buildings. At each stop, we learned the story of a woman – enslaved or free, illiterate or well-educated, none able to vote. These women made an impact on history and the course of events in that community, and their stories were new to each of us on the tour. I loved hearing the rich tapestry of the times, and especially about important figures we have never learned of.

(I hope this tour’s name got through your spam filters. It had to be renamed to meet Trip Advisor’s standards.)

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