June 14, 2021

I was thrilled to attend my second game of the season at The Diamond, the reopened, at full-capacity Richmond stadium for the Flying Squirrels (Double-A Affiliate of the San Francisco Giants). It was Johnny Cash-ew night, bobbleheads were plentiful, and the evening weather was beautiful.

However, I was again concerned about the safety of access into and throughout the stadium. The steps are steep and the risers are high. Ticket-holders in various sections must then access their seats by way of concrete stairs with no handrails. I am non-disabled, and yet every step up and down feels risky. Young children, and many middle-aged and older persons stumble.

What really strikes me is that our crowds are diverse, but the stadium is far from inclusive – for children, older adults, and anyone with any mobility issues. We are the fans, without the physicality of the athletes, and I wish for a more accessible ballpark.

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