February 7, 2022

We have had one of the most exciting professional football playoff seasons that I can remember.

On top of that, I am blown away by the charitable spirit of Kansas City Chiefs fans following the team’s playoff win over the Buffalo Bills. Taking a cue from Buffalo’s own #BillsMafia (a die-hard fan base known for donating to charities tied to their losing opponent after a big win), Chiefs Kingdom donated more than $475,000 to Buffalo’s John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Donations came from more than 21,000 donors, mostly in the Kansas City area, in increments of $13 (the number of seconds it took to tie the game and bring it into overtime for the win), $17 (as a show of respect for Bills quarterback Josh Allen, number 17), and $32 (Allen’s and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ jersey numbers combined).

In true pay-it-forward fashion, when the Bengals triumphed over the Chiefs in the AFC Championship, the Cincinnati community began making donations to Harvesters, The Community Food Network, in Kansas City, sponsoring 4,500 meals so far.

At a time when even traditionally noncompetitive roles and activities have become so polarized, it is thrilling to see high-stakes competition also bring togetherness, respect, and epic generosity.

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