August 23, 2021

On a recent plane ride, I played Brain Teasers on the in-flight entertainment screen. It was a timed series of ten multiple-choice questions, testing knowledge of trivia in all possible categories.

I scored anywhere from 30% to 80% correct on each set of ten questions. While I was proud to know the first country to give women the right to vote (New Zealand), I didn’t beat myself up when I failed to know the inaugural international rugby champion (also, New Zealand).

The interesting piece to me was that my scores from 30% to 80% earned the same message: “You have potential, you just need to apply it.” Really? It knows this…how? And whether I am at 30% or 80%?

When I scored a 90%, I was rewarded with: “Incredible! Give yourself a pat on the back.” Quite a leap in praise for just one more right answer.

The message for a 100% score? I don’t know, I never got there. But I’m not too worried that I didn’t know Barbie’s boyfriend Ken’s last name.

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