August 16, 2021

Traveling to San Diego for a mix of business and pleasure recently, I dined with a female friend at the marvelous Herb & Wood restaurant in Little Italy.

We asked the maître d’ for a cab to return us to the hotel late in the evening. He called seven cab companies; none were available/willing. He suggested Uber. I shared my concerns: I try not to support companies who have publicly had culture issues, and I’m concerned about their record for passenger safety. I was embarrassed, fearing this 25-year old heard my concerns as “this old lady doesn’t want to use new technology.”

He surprised me. He said, “I understand, my girlfriend has the same concerns. I am happy to make you more comfortable with it like I do for her. Let me order it on my app so the driver knows I am tracking the ride.” What a perfect solution!

He summoned a woman driver (nice touch), walked us to the Tesla (another nice touch), and placed us in the car like he was responsible for us. He even resisted my reimbursing him for the ride.

As the Uber driver pulled away from the curb, she asked, “Is that your grandson?” I wish!

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