April 18, 2022

“What’s next” is a pressing topic for individuals in the last third of their lives, and it’s an inspiring exercise to recall those who have delivered their greatest accomplishments after age 60… think Grandma Moses, Frank McCourt, and Diane Nyad.

Erica Cole, a University of Iowa chemistry major, US Department of Energy intern, and costume designer for the UI theater department, found her life upended after a terrible car accident. Waking in the hospital as a leg amputee, she began living with a bulky prosthesis and unable to find clothes that would accommodate.

Calling on her sewing expertise and her chemistry background, Erica launched NO LIMbITS, a new line of clothing suited for amputees and wheelchair users (with environment-friendly dye application). After raising funds via Kickstarter, Richmond’s Lighthouse Labs, and other start-up contests, she received passionate investors from her recent appearance on Shark Tank. The Veterans Administration is one of her developing customers.

Invention – or re-invention – of your future can happen anytime. For any reason.

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