Bea Wray, who is VP of Member Development and chairs the Entrepreneurship Practice for ForbesBooks, has cited Nancy Eberhardt, Pathwise Partners, and the publishing of Nancy’s book, Uncommon Candor: A Leader’s Guide to Straight Talk, as an example of successful business growth via publishing.

In both her blog post (available here), and in a podcast interview with James Martell on marketing (available here), Wray references how Nancy utilized Uncommon Candor to grow her client base in a more strategic way.

Wray sees publishing a book as a way to “shine a light on expertise” and as a “foundation for the next great thing.” She notes how successful entrepreneurs can publish a book, not for the sole purpose of selling the book, but rather as an efficient means to reach a niche audience.

Specifically, for Nancy, publishing a book in her area of expertise (candor and leadership) has increased her radio show and speaking engagements, and allowed her to move from a smaller geographic region to a national client base.

If you are interested in learning more about publishing a book in your field of expertise to highlight what you already do so well, contact Advantage to learn more.


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