March 15, 2020

In his 50s, Bob Moore started over, switching careers from gas stations and auto centers to a grain mill. Now in his 90s, he’s revered in the whole-, natural-, and organic-food world.  Moore is well-known for his process – using traditional stone mills – and products, which are all-natural flours, grains, cereals, beans, oats, mixes and more.

There are two other features of Moore’s story that leave an inspiring impression: his path to founding Bob’s Red Mill company, and the future of that same company.

The Past

On an impromptu trip to the library, Moore picked up a book: John Goffe’s Mill, the story of a man who bought and restored an old mill. This book launched a curiosity which turned into a passion and eventually a very successful business, Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods of Milwaukie, Oregon. He still reads that book several times a year.

Moore found a way to be true to himself, despite uncovering that truth midway through life.

If I had my life to live over, I would’ve started way earlier in this business! ~ Moore, in an interview for CBS Sunday Morning

The Future

Bob’s Red Mill is estimated to be worth $100 million, with 40 products sold in more than 80 countries. But Moore ignores any offers and has no intention of selling out. Instead, Moore is giving his company away piece-by-piece to dedicated, long-time employees.

When you get right down to it, I really like doing this. I don’t want to do anything else.

After more than 40 years in business, Moore appears to have the same enthusiasm for stone-ground grains as he did when he was just beginning.  How does Bob’s journey spark your imagination? What could you pursue today that feels true to who you are with the staying power to keep you excited well beyond retirement age?