May 28, 2019

It’s becoming a tradition of the best kind – one that offers an opportunity to share something good. Here’s the round-up of the most profound statements I heard during the Gazelles ScaleUp Summit in Atlanta this month.

This year’s collection of quotes reminds me where the power lies – that it’s less about strength and more about savvy on all fronts.

“It’s never a lack of resources, but a lack of resourcefulness,” by Marissa Levin, author of Built to SCALE:  How Top Companies Create Breakthrough Growth Through Exceptional Advisory Boards.

We must be creative, strategic and efficient if we’re to maximize our resources.

“Switch from being a know-it-all company to being a learn-it-all company,” by Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up.

Expert status can be short-lived, whereas a growth-mindset will breed continued success.

“Employees have 3 cravings: respect, purpose and relationship,” by Gregg Lederman, author of Crave: You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday.

Despite what we think we know about salary, motivation and engagement are highly influenced by these soft values.

“If you are willing to be completely vulnerable, fully stupid, when you are, anything is possible,” by Henry McGovern, founder and former chief emotional officer at AmRest.

Showing and accepting vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. It’s where growth occurs.

“Better is unsustainable; unique is unstoppable,” by Denise Lee Yohn, author of FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies.

Outshining today’s competition only lasts until someone better comes along. But, maintaining the culture and brand that differentiates your organization is a long-term win.

“In every interaction we increase or decrease trust,” by David Horsager, author of The Trust Edge: How Top Leaders Gain Faster Results, Deeper Relationships, and a Stronger Bottom Line.

Trust is the foundation and the fuel. If we are to succeed, we must remember that trust influences every relationship and impacts every decision, from employee, co-worker and stakeholder relations, to innovation and brand loyalty.