January 20, 2021

The events that unfolded in the first week of January reawakened something in me – and probably you, too. Something we’ve always known the value of, and yet, have become desensitized to watching it slide. Have we finally awakened to a new awareness about the power of the truth? The realization that not being true to the truth just isn’t working?  2021 will focus on a return to the truth – in every moment, and especially, for reflection and sharing here at Uncommon Candor.

History Matters

As generations pass, we are losing our personal connections to historical events. When we might not have personally experienced segregation or the Holocaust or the ratification of the 19th Amendment, for decades we had grandparents who could tell us their stories. With the loss of their perspectives, so too go the experiences that help us know how to move forward. We are lost without the hindsight of history. As future generations come up, they must make a conscious effort to know history, find broader experiences and a recognition that the bigger picture is important for today.


Who or what on earth are we listening to? Our ears are flooded with traditional and social media, and elected representatives – we must demand their voices be ones of truth. There is no room for alternative facts, or conspiracy theories. Remember that the scientific process is one that attempts to disprove something so many times and ways that, once proven as true, it cannot be denied – lean on science, research, and data. Vet your sources; use your thoughtful viewership and your vote as a means for accountability.

Engaging and Responding

How do we respond when confronted by lies? Are we silent, perhaps uncomfortable, lacking confidence or unwilling to engage in a discussion for clarity? In those moments when we are unsure, rather than argue or counterpoint, take a moment and ask a question. “Show me? Why? Can you explain?” What if we request their accountability to their words, as we demonstrate our accountability to both ours and theirs?

Moving Forward

As I was growing up, our dinner table conversation was led by my father. Instead of “How was your day?” my father would ask, “What did you do today for the good of the state and the nation?” Now, more than ever before, the good I will do for the state and the nation is a rabid effort to discover and uphold the truth. Join me.